Who We Are

Our History

Discount Log Homes is a family owned and operated wholesale log home company dedicated to making the dreams of hardworking Americans come true. We live in a regular house, in a great neighborhood in a small town in East Tennessee. Just like you, the price of gas and groceries affect us. We are definitely not like the other Fat Cat log home companies. That is a good thing!
All of us here have come together from backgrounds as employees of those other log home companies and have seen what they do and how they behave and what they charge. We are dedicated to doing things differently, so why mess with the rest when we sell you the best for less?

Our Vision

We are sick and tired of seeing hardworking people, who have scrimped and saved for years with the hopes of having a log home, having their dreams dashed by the prices that the Fat Cat log home companies charge for their packages and kits.
The Fat Cats don't like us very much, and do you know why?
We come right out and tell you, the consumer, that those companies charge three and four times the cost of the doors and windows they put in their "convenient" kits. The same thing is true for their interior framing lumber. Can you really afford that? Why would you want to pay three times the cost of anything?
That is why we have developed a true bargain for the consumer. We offer you the highest quality components that you cannot purchase at your local home building supply store. Then, you (and/or your contractor) can go to your local building supply center and purchase the windows, doors, etc, that YOU want at the prices YOU can afford. Sounds logical doesn't it?
Do you want to design your own log home or do you want to modify our plans or yours? Not a problem! We have one of the finest log home design teams in the industry and can provide you with blueprints at some of the lowest prices you will ever find.
The Fat Cats don't like that either.
No, you won't find full page full color ads about our company in the big log home magazines.
No, we don't have sprawling log home sales centers to impress you.
We DO believe in saving that money so we can give YOU the log home of your dreams at a price that you can afford.
Sorry for upsetting you, Mr. Fat Cat, but hardworking Americans are our priority.